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If you're looking for some slick, snappy-looking tricks to liven up ordinary images, check out Dydelf's image processing techniques for creating outlined posterized graphics.


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Before you begin, though, keep this in mind: Selecting a suitable subjects for your creations is extremely important . Outline posterization works best on an image with large elements. Too many small details will confuse the issue. A close-up of one or two flowers works far better than a picture of the whole flower garden. If you're going to resize your images do it BEFORE oPosterizing, reducing image size can destroy the outline (it is only one pixel thick). Do not store oPosterized as JPEGs, lossy compression probably ruin the whole magic. This is also true for animations. If you plan to join sequence of oPosterized images into animation use lossless codec like Radius Cinepak, otherwise overall impression will be rather poor.

GUI description:

Color groupbox. The first step is posterizing the image into fewer colors, introducing flat color areas with no dithering. You can choose among 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 colors.

Palette groupbox. Here you can select Outline color and Background color. Note that for Background color to be visible you have to check Solid background in Options groupbox.

Options groupbox. No outline turns off edge detection. No outline will be drawn around flat color areas. Solid background removes color areas from posterized image. Outline will be drawn on solid background. Remove Isolated Pixels does what its name says. Use of this option is highly recommended. Greyscale converts entire image into shades of grey, Antialiasing smoothes outline, Mosaic makes image look like as if they were created out of a mosaic tile.  

Actions groupbox. Open loads your image. At the moment supported formats are BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and WMF. Save saves processed image to disk (as PNG or BMP). oPosterize starts outline posterizing of previously loaded image. Automate allows you to convert contents of entire folder. You'll be asked for source and destination, the processing starts automatically.

Misc. groupbox. There are only two buttons. I think that what they do is pretty obvious.

An example artwork ;)


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